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Graduation: May 2023

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Position / Industry: Director of Talent / Ed-tech


Sociology, Music (Performance and Production), Theatre (Performance and Production), Teaching, Design/Tech.

Fun Facts

When I was first discovering my passion for leadership, I volunteered to help run a summer camp after my freshman year in college, and teach English & Math (and play some music) to orphaned children in Ladyville, Belize. Those kids inspired me to teach and get creative with the teaching process (and check my privilege) since we had limited electricity and resources. I lived at the orphanage with them for 2 months, and I'm eternally grateful to have met each of those children.

Why is instructional design important?

Instructional design directly influences the quality of learning experiences and is integral in the system that offers education to any type of learner. I feel strongly that robust instructional design can equalize the playing field for historically marginalized groups. Access to thoughtfully developed and inclusive learning experiences is a privilege every person should have. 

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