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Established 2018

Angela M. Costa


Graduation: May 2024

Hometown: Belmont, CA

Position / Industry: Instructor



B.S. Materials Science and Engineering, UCLA

Fun Facts

I love painting and decided to participate in as many watercolors contests as I could when I was a child. I have always been very competitive and wanted to express myself in color and brush strokes. 

I also explored ceramics and realized that I was not so bad at it. I could produce pieces that were in my imagination and make them look nearly the same as I conceived them. That was pretty cool!

Why is instructional design important?

I am passionate about teaching, so design became part of every day life. In fact, I design for every student every week day of the school year. I find that supporting my students brings me joy and that helping them unleash their hidden talents is a matter of patience and understanding. We are all unique, and we can use our own talents to support others. 

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